Anxiety Therapy in Madrid

What is anxiety?

We can say that anxiety, in a controlled way, is a mechanism that allows us to protect ourselves in situations that may threaten our integrity.

It appears before a situation that can be dangerous and in which a response is expected from us that may seem difficult to achieve, so the body reacts with that feeling of anxiety to be able to adapt to the circumstances.

We all have this mechanism, as long as it works in an adequate and normal way, it is in itself a way to keep us alert and avoid situations that can lead us to a risk.

However, in other cases, anxiety is exaggerated and altered so that, instead of being an alarm that allows us to adjust to the circumstances, it can cause health problems becoming an obstacle in daily life.


Psicólogo contra la ansiedad

Common symptoms of anxiety

In fact, anxiety is a mechanism that helps us to defend ourselves from external agents that can harm us, but a disproportionate and mismanaged anxiety leads us to the opposite effect, ceasing to be a healthy mechanism.

When this happens different symptoms appear that warn us that something is wrong, and that it is necessary to go to a professional.

  • Physical symptoms such as uncontrolled sweating, tachycardia, nausea, stomach discomfort, headaches, sleeping problems.
  • Psychological problems in the form of negative thoughts, feelings of intense worry, difficulty in maintaining concentration and making decisions.
  • Behavioral symptoms that manifest with continuous state of alarm, being restless, being impulsive, feeling of having to flee, feeling blocked at times.
  • Emotional symptoms such as fear, anguish, restlessness, feeling overwhelmed and not in control.
  • Social difficulties, feeling unable to express personal opinions, fear of possible conflicts, not asserting their rights, feeling of being left blank.

Therapy to overcome anxiety in Madrid

It is clear that a person with anxiety crisis, should immediately go to a professional who can help you with appropriate treatment to overcome this big problem.

With psychological therapy, we can get to the root of the problem, so you can know yourself better, grow as a person, work on your weaknesses to be stronger and thus be able to face your fears.

We offer our patients the best therapy to overcome the problems caused by anxiety, both in person and online.

Make an appointment and start removing those obstacles that prevent your life from being satisfactory.

Problems caused by anxiety

Badly managed anxiety can derive in health problems, and in a very big risk as it is to lead to a problem called phobophobia or, what is the same, fear to the fear.

This causes the feeling of anxiety to increase, and creates a vicious circle from which it is difficult for the patient to escape.

It is very important that those who suffer from anxiety of these characteristics can manage to control it to avoid the appearance of phobophobia, since this can be a great obstacle to lead a normal life.

Anxiety treatment in Madrid

When a person feels so much anxiety that can cause serious health problems and interfere in personal, social and work life, it is essential to have a professional to help us to overcome it through an effective treatment.

Anxiety is a generalized problem. There are different reasons that can lead a person to feel overwhelmed and unable to react.

That is why it is important to know what can lead us to feel this way and to be able to treat the symptoms as soon as possible to prevent anxiety from dominating us.

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