Couples Therapy in Madrid

What does couples therapy consist of?

A couple is made up of two people who come from different worlds, with different educations and different thoughts. When they come together they must learn to compromise and adapt to each other. Sometimes they may even have to compromise in order to make decisions that benefit them both.

However, as time goes by, these differences, the lack of time together and arguments may deteriorate the relationship, to the point of seriously thinking about breaking up and going their separate ways.

But even in the worst moments, a relationship can be saved. Many times, to resolve these conflicts it is necessary the entry of a professional outside the couple, who can maintain a neutral attitude, listen to both and provide solutions that help the couple to unite again.

Psychologist for couples

When is it time to ask for help?

Going to psychologists specializing in couples therapy in Madrid, is a tool that allows us to begin to glimpse possible solutions to the problems that are separating the couple.

It is important that for therapy to really work, both partners are committed. A couple, like therapy, is a partnership.

For some, a few sessions are enough, while others need more time to heal wounds and start building their lives as a couple again with enthusiasm. Couples therapy is an investment that improves their life together, re-establishing communication and working to close the gap that has opened up between them.

Common problems in the couple

The most common problems that usually occur in a couple are:

  • Lack of intimate moments
  • Poor communication in the couple, which leads to constant arguments, difficulty in reaching agreements and uncomfortable silences.
  • Jealousy
  • Infidelity
  • Insecure attachment
  • Sexual problems or sexual dissatisfaction
  • Problems with the family
  • Loss of mutual trust

How will couples therapy help you?

the psychologist, in these cases, is a mediator who will help the couple to be able to maintain a frank and active communication, directing them towards the approach and the understanding between both parts.

We all know that couples will have problems and conflicts, but the important thing is to know how to deal with them effectively so that the relationship remains solid, emerging from the problems together and stronger. By working together, as a couple, we will be able to forge a strong relationship with good foundations that will remain intact despite the passage of time and problems.

Help for couples in Madrid

When your relationship seems over, you feel that you need help because you can’t take it anymore, jealousy is at the surface or living together has become unbearable, but there is still a love that unites you and that forces you to look for solutions, it is time to ask for the help of an expert in couples therapy.

Couples therapy is designed to help both parties involved to resolve their conflicts and improve their dynamics as a couple.

The expert in this type of therapy helps couples to talk without obstacles, to communicate openly about what they need. And by being neutral and seeing things from the outside, he or she allows you to give guidance without having a preconceived personal opinion.

If your relationship seems to be coming to an end, but you want to save your marriage and improve your relationship with the person you chose to live your life with, it’s time to contact me.

I will help you to keep believing in each other as a couple.

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The final price of the couple therapy can be different taking into account the number of sessions that each one needs to improve their relationship. This will be very beneficial for the couple, as well as for the children, if any. And is that children often suffer a lot when they realize that their parents are moving away.

With couple’s therapy both will realize the importance of making changes in order to reach a rapprochement. Changes can be complicated, and that is why psychologists can be a support and help to make this transformation easier.

In couple’s therapy, the goal is to reach constructive solutions through actions. Therefore, in addition to talking, venting and communicating with each other, it is important to put into practice all the advice offered by the psychologist.