Depression therapy in Madrid

What is depression?

Depression is a disorder that causes the person who suffers from it to be in a spiral of constant apathy. There is the feeling that nothing is able to end it, not even mood is found in the activities that usually could make us feel good.

Depression affects the person who suffers from it in every aspect of his life and personality. He goes from being someone cheerful and energetic to do things and face challenges, to having negative thoughts and feelings that prevent him from fulfilling his obligations in a normal way. It can even lead to other physical and emotional health problems that prevent the person from leading a full and satisfying life.

Unlike sadness, depression is a feeling that worsens over time and interferes with daily life and obligations.

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Symptoms of depression

Depression affects the whole body as well as the emotional level. It is important to recognize the symptoms, both if you suffer from it and if you are a relative of someone who suffers from it, in order to find a solution through appropriate treatment.

  • Difficulty sleeping, either due to insomnia or spending too many hours sleeping.
  • Feeling of apathy
  • Feeling of permanent dissatisfaction
  • Loss of interest in doing activities that we once found enjoyable and liked. This includes loss of sexual desire.
  • Feeling drained of energy and tired.
  • Problems with memory and attention.
  • Difficulty in making decisions.
  • Suicidal thoughts or desire to self-harm.
  • Social isolation.
  • Physical pain such as headaches, dizziness, gastrointestinal pain, difficulty breathing, heart problems, back pain, among others.

Treatment of depression

To receive adequate treatment for depression, it is essential to go to an expert psychologist who can guide the patient. Giving personalized attention, listening and accompanying the person on this journey towards overcoming depression.

Professionals can help those who feel they are unable to move forward, through specialized treatments.

Burdens are carried better when you are accompanied, and that is what we professionals do, helping to support that which makes the person unhappy, offering solutions and guiding them towards a better quality of life.

How to get out of depression?

Therapy should be carried out by experienced professionals who can provide real, individualized solutions for their patients. For many people, having depression and going to a professional for treatment can bring with it mixed feelings and stigma.

Despite the fact that there are many who suffer or have suffered from this disorder, there are still people who feel singled out for having depression. However, it is essential to seek professional help that can offer therapy against depression, because a person by himself without help, is unable to get out of the pit in which he is sinking.

Depression treatment in Madrid

Depression is one of the disorders that more people are suffering nowadays due to circumstances, both personal and occupational.

It is important that when faced with a depressive situation, the patient can access therapy to help him/her overcome this disorder effectively.

People with depression feel exhausted, sunk in the face of circumstances and feel weak and unable to fight. Hence, some of them may experience moments in which they have thoughts about death.

Having depression, in addition to emotional problems, brings with it a lack of physical health and aggravation of the same. Hence the importance of taking charge and seeking a solution as soon as possible.

When you begin to feel the symptoms of depression, it is essential to cut this situation as soon as possible.

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